• Biography of Dan Olson

    From an early age Dan with his brother Guy, would play darts at the local legion. At an early age Dan proved himself to be a quick study of outs and an avid practicer. Sometimes Dan would throw darts at a single target on the board until the flocking came off the board.
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  • Dan Olsons Photo Album

    These are photos of some local Ontario tournaments Dan has been in. There are more in his photo gallery at the top of the page.
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  • Tournament Videos of Dan

    These are videos of some local Ontario tournaments Dan has been in. Not many of the early matches still exist. Some folks may have them in VHS tapes in their basement, but we do not have word on who those people are. Since Dan is seriously considering taking a shot at playing with the Big Boys in England again, do you have footage of this future world champion in your basement?
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Dan has won numerous singles events, doubles events and team events all over Canada and the US. There are too many to list, but here is the short list of notable achievements:

1987 Made a dart video with darting legend Eric Bristol
1998 Rochester – Won 4 out of 6 events (singles doubles and mixed)
2001 Sent to World Masters in Malaysia to represent Canada
2001 Men’s singles Cleveland Open
2005 Induction to National Dart Hall of Fame
2007 Made it to Ladbrokes World Championship to represent Canada
2009 Won Pacmaia II tournament Men’s Singles 01 and second in cricket singles
2010 Won King of the Hill Elite tournament

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